Bible School

Three Years in our Bible School will place you ahead in the knowledge of God’s word

FaithLift Bible School Equip, Empower & Educate you with Church Programs for Ministry Level Our Curriculum is Holistic, Theological & User Friendly

STARTING - 12 October 2015
ENROL BEFORE - 5 October 2015
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Our Bible School

FaithLift Bible School is an affiliate of Faith Bible College. Faith Bible College is an accredited member of Accrediting Commission International (ACI) Sarasota, Florida. U.S.A the world’s largest non-government related accrediting association. All credits are transferable to all educating members of ACI. We believe that Christian Training should be governed by sound exposition of the Bible and its Principles.

Why Study

Three years in FaithLift Bible School will place you ahead in your knowledge of God’s Word by Approximately 10 to 15 years over the person who only attends two or one services per week. Why take 15 years to grow in GOD when you could do it in three years, and be more equipped & effective for Him in those remaining 12 to 13 years. Faithlift Bible School is not only theology, but also revelation knowledge in the word of God.

Man shall not live by Bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds ONGOING through the mouth of God.
We fill you with facts & with an Apostolic Grace to “Get you Growing to get you Going”. Our Desire is to equip the students in such a fashion, that they will LIVE it to Preach It.

LifeChange is our FOCUS.
This is Mobilization Of Teachers through the Multiplication Of Teachings.
Quench your Thirst with Knowledge

Get With the Program

Biblical Teaching“The Message is the same – The Method Has Changed”
As the World Wide Harvest is Growing – there is a need for men and women who are not only trained in the Word of God but also - Full of the Holy Spirit.

Here in FaithLift Bible School – we are dedicated to equip these workers & leaders in a Prophetic & Apostolic environment of Faith and in the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. You will be released into your God given potential to IMPACT this generation with the power of the Gospel in your favour.

This program is the mobilization of teachers through the multiplication of teachings – which will allow you - to make an impact within yourself & then your community. It is designed to give you HEAD & HEART knowledge. This program takes you into an understanding of the harvest, and compassion to carry the burden of the church.

Levels Of Certification & Recognition
The 1st Year Course CERTIFICATE Level
The 2nd Year DIPLOMA Level
The 3rd Year BACHELOR in Bible Studies – for Ministry Level
The 4th & 5th Year MASTER-Alumni in Christian Counseling or Leadership – for Ministry Level